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2017-18 Course Catalog

Active Crisis Training

Our Active Crisis Training provides a skill set and practical application of proven techniques for individuals to survive and escape violence. Dramatically improve your ability to disrupt and deter violent acts occurring in your environment.

Adult Law

This course will focus on new and current laws affecting adults in corrections.  Topics covered include new legislation, interpretations of laws, responsibilities, implication when putting laws into practice, problem resolution.  Case law will be covered with up-to-date changes in the laws affecting the field.

Advanced DSL

0626-003032 The course will focus on the Determinate Sentencing Law and current changes in the law and new legislation that affects the field of corrections and criminal justice system. The course covers judicial council rulings and laws relating to sex crimes, enhancements, and priors.

Civil Liabilities – Institutions

This course will focus on how the legal system works.  Topics covered will include sources of law, precedent, state vs. federal law; scope of authority/conditions in institutions, searches/drug testing, restitution, other conditions; revocation procedure and evidence, minimizing exposure to liability, regulation and standards, training, supervision, record keeping, types of lawsuits and defenses; failure to warn/right […]

Civil Liabilities for Supervisors & Administrators

This course will focus on personal liability of the Civil Rights Act of 1981 – specifically, application of Section 1983 to corrections. Topics will include types of lawsuits, representation/indemnification, liability for supervising clients, duty to warn, supervisory and management liability of failure to train supervisor, minimizing exposure to liability, and individual development planning.

Connecting with Youth While Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Learn the strategies and techniques to develop relationships with young people while maintaining necessary professional boundaries. The training will focus on how to create therapeutic relationships with youth based on who they are. Learn some do’s and don’ts of staff boundaries and the consequences of violating boundaries.


This course will focus on statutory authority, pre-sentence custody credits, including entitlement and dual basis for custody situations. The course will also cover pre-sentence conduct credits, including entitlement and how to conduct credits, earned and lost, and post-sentence conduct credits, including statutory authority, CDC regulations, and applicability to pre-sentence detainees. Course will include problem solving […]

Cultural Competency

Course Summary: We live in a fantastic fusion of global and regional cultures. Learning how to effectively communicate with these sometimes vastly difference cultures requires special awareness and skill. This hands-on course focuses on increasing cultural competence, specifically to convey information accurately, understand, and effectively interact with people from various cultures.     Course Objectives: […]

Current Threat Trends (LE Only)

At the end of the day going home safe at night in one piece is everyone’s goal. We face threats and at times don’t even realize the potential impact of the threat being presented. According to the United States Department of Justice, this past year ambush attacks and sudden assaults on Law enforcement is up […]

Delinquent Youth

Delinquent youth develop in many unique ways. The following course will examine the etiology of delinquency and the challenges that professionals, working with these youth, have in developing a helping relationship with them

Development of Gang Behaviors

This course will examine and discuss developmental benchmarks and risk factors that affect the developing adolescent brain which can lead to gang membership including how violence can affect brain maturation

Domestic Gangs

0626-051302 Examine the history of the major California street gangs. Discuss the relationships the gangs have with drug trafficking, violence. Examine the impact of major national and international incidents on the development of America’s street gangs.

DSL Basic

This course will focus on the determinate sentencing law, current changes in the law, and new legislation that affects the field of corrections and the criminal justice system. This course will cover judicial council rules and laws relating to sex crimes, enhancements and priors.

Gang Awareness

0626-032771 This course will focus on some of the current threats gang migration, hidden agenda’s carvings, tattoos, recruiting.  Intel information sharing by region, also contact information, gang associations. Last Officer Safety and survival, field tactics and facility tactics.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Youth (GLBT); Problems with Incarceration

0626-061631 This course will look at LGBT probationers from a cultural, developmental, and social perspective. The class will explore difficulties youth encounter in community, in educational settings, with family relationships, and in placement. In addition, case management considerations will be addressed.

High Risk Offenders

This course will focus on the latest research on risk assessment, violent profiles, legal issues, and intervention strategies on high risk offenders. Topics covered will include the nature of the high risk offender, children without a conscience, gangs and violence, the violent adult, and the duty to protect.

Implicit Bias

Course Summary: This training is a skill building model, developed to better understand our own conscience and unconscious bias. To create more awareness of our own bias and better accept others, their cultural, diversity and multiculturalism.  This skill building model fosters an environment of awareness, knowledge and personal skill development.  The first part is learning […]

Juvenile & Adult Law

This course will focus on current laws affecting juveniles and adults in corrections, new legislation, interpretation of laws, responsibilities, implication in putting laws into practice, and problem resolution. This course will be offered annually to keep personnel up-to-date in changes in the law affecting the field.

Juvenile Law

This course will focus on current laws affecting juveniles in corrections, new legislation, interpretations of laws, responsibilities, implication when putting laws into practice and problem resolution. Case law and vicarious liability will be covered with up-to-date changes in the laws affecting the field.

Leading With Confidence

Real leadership happens at all levels. It has nothing to do with title or position. Good leaders excel in 5 key competencies. Assess your own leadership potential and identify how to be someone others choose to follow. You will have an opportunity to practice critical behaviors with in the 5 areas: Inspire a Shared Vision, […]

Mexican Drug Cartels/Transnational Gangs

0626-056163 Introduction into Transnational gang activity and Mexican drug trafficking organizations.

Motorcycle Gangs

No Information about this class. Updates pending.

OC Pepper Spray

This Course is designed to train and certify personnel in the use of force continuum program focusing on the Deploying, Handling, and Documenting the use of OC Pepper Spray, to include the medical issues and legal liability specifically designed for law enforcement, and corrections.

Probation Eligibility

This course will focus on probation eligibility for defendants, probation possibilities, general consideration, facts relating to the defendant, presumptive state prison cases and reasons for choice of probation or prison.

Riding the Waves of Change

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to help shape your future and even the future of your team. Discover the mindsets and coping strategies that keep you from being overwhelmed by the constant waves of change we all experience at work. Learn how to identify and work with the different change styles people use. […]

Situational Awareness

0626-063491 This course is designed to give the student a heightened state of awareness, both on and off duty. This class explores the times that we can be most vulnerable, how to avoid deadly confrontations, accidents, and compromising situations while at the same time elevating awareness and maintaining vigilance.

Synthetic Drugs

The course will cover the history and recent rapid growth of the use of synthetic drugs including bath salts, synthetic THC products and other amphetamine analogs.

Tentacles of The Far Right

No information on this class.

Testifying & Courtroom

This course is will focus on providing the trainee with a thorough understanding of his/her role as a witness in a courtroom. Topics include courtroom demeanor, trial tactics used by attorneys, and sample courtroom testimony.

Transportation 101

This course will provide an overview of the fundamentals of prisoner transportation for the custodial officer and probation officer. Topics covered will be officer safety and the safety of the facility, prisoner security, laws, policies and mandates when transporting inmates. Also covered will be high notoriety transports, high risk transports, vehicle preparation, equipment prisoner handling […]

Verbal Defense Tactics – Advanced

0626-048307 The principles and tactics taught enable students to use “Presence and Words” to calm difficult people who may be under severe emotional or other influences. The curriculum also teaches students to redirect the behavior of hostile people, diffuse potentially dangerous situations, perform professionally under all conditions and achieve the desired outcome in the encounter. […]

Verbal Defense Tactics – Basic

0626-017470 This course will focus on developing practical communication skills. Trainees will learn to use their basic interpersonal communication skills, including verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening skills and effective cross cultural communication to better serve the public.

Verbal Defense Tactics – Intermediate

0626-026502 The course will focus on a review of Tactical Communication concepts and will provide role-playing experiences from the student’s personal or work world. Students must have taken the basic Verbal Defensive Tactics course in the last 3 years to benefit from this course. Topics include: Review of the principles & maxims of Tactical Communication, […]

Violence in Society

No information about this course yet.

Who’s Watching Your Back

0626-033583 It’s a jungle out there.  Whether at work or at home, many of us increasingly find ourselves considering our own safety and security in the event of an emergency.  This course provides an interesting and insightful look into the basics of common sense safety, awareness and self defense.  Although we never expect to find […]