Implicit Bias



Course Summary:

This training is a skill building model, developed to better understand our own conscience and unconscious bias. To create more awareness of our own bias and better accept others, their cultural, diversity and multiculturalism.  This skill building model fosters an environment of awareness, knowledge and personal skill development.  The first part is learning about us, identify fears, learned bias, prejudices, and to assess how these issues can impact our personal and professional decision making and relationships.  The second part is to understand, learn about and appreciate other cultures, cross cultural and conflicts.  The third part is identifying ways to effect change and promote one’s leadership skills in areas of implicit bias, cultural competences, conflict resolution and problem solving abilities.


Course Objectives:

  • Learn simple techniques to recognizing and avoiding our conscience and unconscious bias.
  • Identify ways of taking our walls down and learn about what we all have in common and not what’s so different between us.
  • Increase awareness and to move beyond what is considered to be “Politically Correct and Incorrectness.”
  • Develop effective ways to understand and work with diverse populations